Who we are

who we are

​Chong Soon SEng

Soon Seng is a hobby ceramist with 16 years of experience in clay art. He was trained under Master Potter Chua Soo Kim.


Founder of Messy Hands, Pei Foong acquired her pottery skills from Sam Mui Kuang Pottery under the guidance of two Master Potters, Mr Chua Soo Khim and younger brother Mr Chua Soo Kim. Pei Foong counted herself as an accidental potter. She would never bet on herself getting involved in arts and craft, only to be immediately attracted to the wonders of this traditional art on her first encounter.


With relentless desire to master the skills, she practiced intensively, often clocking back-breaking hours in the pottery school. Located now at her own studio, Messy Hands, Pei Foong continues her creative journey in ceramic arts full-time. She is also a member of The Hwi Yoh Ceramic Group in Singapore.  



KOk Pei Foong 



With 16 years of pottery experience, Khoo acquired his skills from Master Potters, Mr Chua Soo Kim and Mr Chua Soo Khim from Sam Mui Kuang Pottery. Through countless experiments with various forms, textures, patterns and colours, Khoo integrated impressive artistry and technical mastery in his works. 


Working with functionality in mind, Khoo brought us ceramic works that are both a pleasure to use in our daily living and aesthetically inspiring.


khoo thian chor​


The youngest and third generation of the Chua family of potters, Lynn Teo (niece of Master Potter Chua Soo Kim) has forged her own identity.


Pushing beyond the Chua's signature "small neck round body" pots and her mother's (Patsy Chua) unique teapots, Lynn has introduced and fused the distinctive shape of the gourd into her vessels and teapots.

lynn teo





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